Pet Sets - Sharpen your eyes

  • This is a very addictive intelligence matching game that will sharpen your eyes and rock your brain!
  • You need to find as many “PET SETS” as you can from the displayed cards.
  • What’s a PET SET? You might haven’t be able to tell the accurate concept about it, but your brain already can do it! That’s the secret of the rules!
  • What’s a “PET SET”?

  • A Pet Set is a group of 3 cards that have either all the same or all different Pet kind, colors, and numbers.
  • Each category of Pet kind, Color and Number has three options.
  • Color: red green purple
    Kind: cow bear mouse
    Number: One Two Three
  • More examples are in the following:
  • Right SET example

  • Color Kind Number
    Same Same Same
  • Color Kind Number
    Diff Diff Diff
  • Color Kind Number
    Same Diff Diff
  • Color Kind Number
    Diff Same Same
  • Wrong SET example

  • Color Kind Number
    Same X Same
  • Color Kind Number
    Same Diff X
  • Color Kind Number
    Same X X
  • Color Kind Number
    Diff X Diff
  • How to use coins

  • There are five types of coins showing up during your play.

    Be sure to CATCH the coins and USE them!

    • How to catch coins:
      Use the card attached with a coin to make a right PET SET before the coin disappears.
    • How to use coins:
      coins are displayed at the top of the play area. Point to the coin you want to use.Be sure to keep an eye on the number of coins available.
    • Function of coins
    • Adds points instantly.
    • Provides answer.
    • Shuffles cards and adds time.
    • Refills the timer.
    • Double your score.


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